THE BLOODSTYLE 178 S-GLIDE: Glider, Swimbait AND Twitchbait for pike!

DE BLOODSTYLE 178 S-GLIDE : Glider, Swimbait én Twitchbait voor snoek!

This video shows one of the most versatile hard baits for pike

of this moment :

The BLOODSTYLE 178 S-Glide

The BLOODSTYLE 178 from the Japanese brand SUNNY BROS is originally a Glidebait for Black Bass fishing. With its 17,8 cm and 50 g, this has proven to be a perfect lure for pike fishing in city and polder water.

You can fish it as a Glider, Swimbait and as a Twitchbait!

The Bloodstyle is completely customisable. You can fish it in different setups (with or without a diving lip, with a vertical tail or dolphintail, etc.)

For Joep and Mees alias Mr Glidebait, it is currently the most visual and spectacular way to fish for pike and one of the most successful (especially if other lures let you down or do not suffice in a certain situation).