About us


The Water Wolves Fishing platform was founded in 2014 by Joep Steijns, a fanatical and very enthusiastic predator angler.

The goal at the time was to share his passion for predator fishing and to inspire others. In addition, promoting Catch & Release was also an important goal as well as getting rid of the dusty image of angling.



The endresult is this online store. Here, passion, experience and knowledge about different branches of predatory fishing (perch, sea bass, pike-perch and asp) are translated into a quality product & lifestyle range. Completely tailored to the Modern Predator angler.

Our vision : to be a progressive platform that inspires, brings together predator anglers and helps to optimize and perfect their fishing experience.

Our mission : to provide predator anglers with access to exclusive products with an unrivaled price/quality ratio at the click of a mouse.

"Supplying Modern Anglers"


2022 and near future

We can be quite brief about what the near future will bring and that is expanding our product range.

Now  we are offering our own Merchandise. But we will soon expand this with lures, rods, reels and accessories from exclusive and renowned brands.


Who are we?


Joep Steijns (founder of Water Wolves Fishing)

Started fishing on the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen ditches and creeks at the age of 7. Not fished for a long time between his 12th and 30th year. Only started fishing for sea bass again at the age of 30 and then he was addicted. Switched to freshwater bass due to a collapsing sea bass stock and also became addicted to it. But 3 years ago went completely back to salty due to the recovering sea bass fishery. From June to mid-October thr focus is completely on bass with lures, November to April on pike. In the month of March, targeting large zander. Big fan of Nippon Tackle.



Wick Eindhoven

Very fanatical predator angler. Often visits the polders near Utrecht with his father to snatch a polder pike. The focus for Wick is on pike and zander. Zander is the Target at high river levels. His all time favorite pike lure is a gnawed silver Buster Jerk. Likes to grab big lures and not without results.  


Daniel Heythausen

"Our German"
Just came over the border from Germany. Daniel owns a native watercraft kayak and therefore has great possibilities when it comes to fishing. Actually fishes for anything that bites. Daniel is someone who often goes out of the box and with success. Also he has featured a few times in a German predator magazine. Skilled and very laid back. Also makes trips abroad, for example to Morocco for the Black Bass.


Thijs van den Acker

Always looking for the adrenaline of a bite. Fishes for predatory fish anytime, anywhere he can. If he still has time after fishing, he will go fishing again. Currently specializing in wading fishing for very large bass (50 plus). He goes at them with different techniques and different lures. He mainly fishes the river and the associated river puddles. When he fishes together in the summer with friend of the business JP Nieuwenhuizen, asp is also a TargetFish.