GAMECHANGING LURE for fall AND winter! Catching pike on the GLIDEWAY 176 AND BLOODSTYLE 178

GAMECHANGING KUNSTAAS voor herfst ÉN winter! Snoek vangen op de GLIDEWAY 176 EN BLOODSTYLE 178

In this video we go pike fishing. We do this with Premium Glide Baits that were originally developed for Black Bass fishing. Because these Glide Baits are customisable, you can fish them in different set-ups, making them versatile and effective.

Another major advantage over other lures is that these Glide Baits can "HANG" in the strike zone of pike for much longer. This extra long "HANGTIME" is perfect for the colder autumn and winter days when the pike slow down. The chance of a bite will be GREATER!

In this video Mees and Wick show what that can yield!