Glideway 176 from Swimbait Republic : a new PIKE KILLER

Glideway 176 van Swimbait Republic : een nieuwe SNOEK KILLER

Swim and Glide baits are certainly not the lures that you simply throw in and just fish in. With a swim bait it is key to know what the action the lure gives. A small change in speed or angle of the rod tip can result in a completely different swimming action. A live fish doesn't always swim in a straight line either, so why should your lure do that?

Because most Dutch fishermen prefer soft baits and jerk baits, you can say that swim baits are not really established yet. But they are particularly deadly for big pike. They are ultra realistic and have an action that simply cannot be duplicated with a plug or shad or jerkbait. The so-called S-motion .

In the end, it all comes down to trigger a pike's curiosity, showing it something it hasn't seen before.

Pike is curious by nature. You often see that when they follow your bait, inspect it and then decide whether or not to take it.

Because of their size, the majority of swim baits are very suitable for pike fishing. The swim bait originates from California to target black bass, but is now also a certainty in the tackle box in North America and in Canada where this lure is mainly used for the Northern Pike and Muskellunge or the Muskie. And that's just because it does what it's supposed to do, catching the larger predatory fish in particular!

A Spanish brand that is completely focused on the production of only swim baits is Swimbait Republic.

After years of intensive development and testing, they have launched a Swimbait. Not just any swimbait, but a bait with which you can handle almost any situation. The Glideway 176.


Thoughtful design, perfect balance and versatility are the selling points of this swim bait. This swim bait is currently conquering the Spanish and French Black Bass scene. But it won't be long before the first large predatory fish will die on it in NL as well.


Glide way 176
Very nice colors and different ways to present. And not unimportantly at different depths!

You're going to catch a PR on this!

Watch our video here where the Glideway 176 is explained in detail.