Fishing for zander

Snoekbaars vanaf de kant

We have always been fascinated by the zander. Everything about a zander breathes PREDATOR. The teeth, the glass eyes and the insane, hard bite.

An effective way that we use to successfully target zander is the drop shot technique. There are 2 advantages namely:

  1. you are less likely to get stuck on the "dirtier" bottoms because the hook is a bit further away from the bottom.
  2. The lure is presented just a little off the bottom so that it is always in the "striking zone".

A zander can be fickle. But one thing is certain. Their favorite dinner time is dusk. Then most zander go into hunting mode and there is a greater chance that you can hook this predatory fish.




The lure that has been doing very well with our Fieldstaffer Wick lately is the PXS Alburno from the Pitch and Strike brand. This bait is slim and flexible. Give this softbait a chance. A lot of nice zanders have already been fooled by it.

Otherwise, watch the video below to see how this went from the river bank!