Water Wolves Fishing is always looking for quality, innovative design and new original brands. Then you often end up in Japan . To be precise with a new Start-Up being Sunny Bros .

The Bloodstyle 178 glidebait with which this company made their debut on the Japanese market has been very popular there. And that is quite remarkable if you operate in a hyper-competitive market with major brands such as Megabass, OSP, Jackall, Gancraft, etc.

For the pioneering pike cracks and customers from the Southern European bass scene I brought the Sunny Bros Bloodstyle 178 to Europe. This 3-piece glidebait with a length of 17.8 cm and a weight of 52 gr has a great S-move and is also fully customizable with different diving lips and tails (also available here if in stock).

In Japan, just like in Southern Europe, they fish for the Large Mouth Bass. The land of the rising sun also has typical canals and drainages, which are very similar to the Dutch polder ditches. Approx. 1 to 1.5 m deep and often with a close quarter fishing style.

You can certainly target fickle pike or the smarter and older pike with this. Because you can fish this bait a little longer in the zone. Especially in autumn and winter, ample "Hangtime" is something that speaks in favor of these hardbaits over softbaits.

But also perch anglers and asp fanatics can opt for a small compact killer: the Sunny Bros Obee Rattler 56 mm in 8 and 11 gr. What I like is the design that is very well thought out. Something we often just miss with European brands. It's just the distinguishing details.

This rattle has a (detachable) weedguard and duo hooks instead of trebles. If you want to fish against the bottom or in "heavy cover" the Obee will simply provide less jamming. Shimmy action/falling leaf action 4 the win. Form fits functionality. Available in various killer colours.

And we also have a softbait for zander . The Sunny Bros DrugWhip 4.7 inch . This one can be fished dropshot, nedrig etc etc. It is very similar to a Reins Ginger, a true classic. When sinking, the tail provides enough drag to reproduce the microwaves of small swimming fish. Due to the amount of salt, bubbles, microwaves, it is a magical worm imitation for predatory fish.

We close the lure drop with a nice GlideBait pouch the Sunny Bros Grandby . With this pouch you can safely store all your favorite Glide and Swimbaits up to 30 cm and you can easily take them with you during a session.