We have a selection of Fiiish Products in our store for the Westerschelde sea bass!

Wij hebben een selectie Fiiish Producten in onze store voor de Westerschelde zeebaars!

Now also available in our store: Fiiish!

As a Sea Bass fisherman, I am of course very proud that we now have the Black Minnow from Fiiish on the shelves. This lure is still our number 1 for sea bass. We mainly fish on the Westerschelde and that is why we have a selection of Westerschelde colors for sea bass in the online store.

Mix and match the Black Minnow bodies with the matching Fiiish Jig Heads and Fiiish Hooks for your favorite combo. This way you always have the perfect setup.



We also have the Fiiish Hypnocast metal jig in stock! If you want or need to throw distances (and that is sometimes necessary on the Western Scheldt) then this metal jig comes into the picture. You can also use the hypnocast when the sea bass is feeding on the surface.

Fiiish Hypnocast

Also available: Fiiish The Glue Shad glue. When fishing with the Black Minnow, glue the Fiiish jig head to the body! Then your Black Minnow will last much longer. You can also use this glue to close the cracks and glue them back together.


Naturally also applicable to all soft plastics of any brand.



Sea bass on the Western Scheldt